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leather sale

The Bookbinder's Warehouse, Inc., Keyport, NJ is please to announce another
'month end' sale, this time on some great leather. If you are interested in
the following announcement, please respond directly to Bookbinder's
Warehouse, NOT to the list!

"Kinauld Goat" is a new line developed by J. Hewit & Sons tanners, mostly for
limited-edition binding and therefore is usually available in large
quantities only.  However, we have on hand one batch that we are able to
offer out in small quantities, while supply lasts, in a really nice
"Aubergine" color (eggplant) meaning it is half-way between a rich, deep dark
red and deep dark brown.

"Kinauld Goat" is a vegetable tanned semi-aniline finished goatskin. Because
of the special processing on the Kinauld line, the Embossed Morocco Grain
looks very natural and beautiful. Again, these are normally offered with
large minimums, mostly for limited edition work, and this is a one-time
chance to get these skins in small quantities.

We only have a few dozen of these skins, ranging in price from $8.95 (for
single skins) to $8.05 for a dozen or more, plus just a couple of nice grade
II's at $7.95 per square foot.  If you are interested, we suggest you place
your order SOON; if you would like to see a small sample clipping, just
e-mail your mailing address directly to Bookbinder's Warehouse at
<KarenC5071@xxxxxxx>.  We will be happy to send you a sample. PLEASE DO NOT

Regards, Karen L. Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse, Inc., 31 Division St.,
Keyport, NJ 07735-1522.

Please note our NEW AREA CODE (732) 264-0306; fax (732) 264-8266

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