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Re: Unusual Circle Book Structures

In a message dated 97-07-03 06:07:58 EDT, nickinpa@xxxxxxx (Kim Nickens)
<< I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on unusual book structures/
 formats using circular covers/pages. >>

Kim:  your post triggered my curiosity this morning so I gave it a little
thought and came up with something like this.  Based upon the idea of a
tumbler lock I thought it could be interesting to try the following:

Let's say you start out with a set of circular disks.  Each has a center hole
punched (for the fastener), and is divided into four quadrants.  In one
quadrant a slot is cut out on each of the disks.  Aligned with this slot,
each of the remaining three quadrants could have a word or design, but let's
just say a word for now.  If you work it out right you could have a unique
set of words that would read out a short sort of five word haiku when a
particular sequence is followed by aligning the individual slots to open or
close the visible pages.

Let's say you have a solid disk for the backing, five pages, each with one
slot, then a cover page with a slot.  You now have fifteen words that could
be combined in quite a variety of ways.  Read one word at a time until you
have arrived at the desired phrase.  Of course anyone clever with words could
have (I don't know what the math is) quite a number of combined words to
phrase one idea or another.

If you really want to be bothered, then you could actually assemble every
possible phrase combination, then try to create an actual free verse
composition with this and print it on the cover sheet or whatever.  There are
a number of variations that could be played out with this idea.  The real
challange is to find fifteen short words that can be freely interchanged to
make sense in any combination.  An easier method of course is to simply have
only one phrase make sense out of all the possibilities instead.

I don't know if this has been tried before but it probably has.  Very few
ideas are actually new.

Chris Ray

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