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Unusual Circle Book Structures

In a message dated 97-07-03 06:07:58 EDT (Kim Nickens) writes:
<< I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on unusual book structures/
formats using circular covers/pages. >>

A few interesting round books from recent years are:
1.      The World is Round by Gertrude Stein.  Published by the Arion
Press. San Francisco, 1986.  This is really a very rounded "D" with
the spine on the straight but reduced vertical.
2.      Faces by Susan Allix.  London 1993.  Again a rounded "D" bound and
housed in a round box.
3.      World Peace by Edward Hutchins.  New York, 1991.  Fascinating round
quadrant-folded structures housed in a round Perspex box.   Unbound.
4.      Boundless.  A Dadaist object.  Round book, spiralbound around the
perimeter which renders it unopenable!  Was (and might still be)
available from Printed Matter in New York.

I am sure there are many others of which I am unaware.  Specialist
collections of Artist's Books would be the place to look although I
doubt whether they would be classified under "round books"!

Jack M. Ginsberg
Johannesburg, South Africa
E-mail: jackg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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