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Sad news

I received a letter today from Bonita Macaro, the daughter of Frank Lomelis
of Lomelis Bros. Splitting Co., Inc. informing me of her fathers passing on
June 11, 1997.

I have used Lomelis Bros. services for nearly 12 years and they have never
given me anything less than excellent service. I often dealt directly with
Frank. He was always courteous and patient with me and my service requests.
He usually processed our orders on a rush basis and never turned us down
for any request, no matter how small.

I always thought that some day I would get to Peabody, Mass. and drop in
for a visit. I imagined I would be warmly received and given a tour of the
facility. I imagined connecting a face with a familiar friendly voice.
Sadly, with Frank, this will not happen.

Ms. Macaro, who is now Acting President of the company, informs me that the
business will continue and that Lomelis Bros. customers can expect the same
high quality service that we have become accustomed to and that just as we
were valued by Frank as a customer, the company will continue to do the
same in his absence.

BookLab offers its heartfelt condolences to Frank's family and to the
employees of the company. I believe the continuation of Frank's work and
company will keep his kind spirit alive and BookLab will certainly continue
to be a loyal customer of Lomelis Bros. Splitting Company.

Craig Jensen, President
BookLab, Inc.

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