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Re: Unusual Circle Book Structures

I can describe several circular books that have been the Oregon Book Biennial
shows. In the 1991 show, one was "To Upset the Existing Order" by T. Ellen
Sollod--several circles had a hole punched near one edge of each circle, they
were stacked on top of each other holes matching, and were all fastened
together through this hole, they opened in a spiral movement almost like a
deck of cards fanned out, and were contained in a circular box. I've seen
other versions of this where the circles were joined together with a metal
pin that you buy in the office supply dept--they're rounded at one end and
have a flexable end you insert through a hole and bend back to secure.
Another was my own book--"Moon Book 4 (Baby's Moon)", 28  1/8" thick circular
disks were constructed of paper with the phases of the moon, a hole was made
in center of each disk, all disks were strung on a long cord, it resembled a
baby's toy made of plastic disks on a chain, all the disks fit into a
cylindrical box.  In 1996 one was "Endangered Continent" by Bonnie Bishop--
it was one circular board cut in half and joined so that the circle closed to
a half circle with the shape of a continent inside, sewn inside into fold,
full circle was apparent when the book was open. Another was "Spiral Bound"
by Steven Nossan--circular pages were cut in half and then bound with a
spiral binding at the cut edge--the diameter of the circle, when all the
pages are opened, they form a sphere. A third book "Dziura (Hole)" by Beata
Wehr-- a circle of paper for the cover and other circular papers for the
text, a large hole was cut in the center of all and the whole thing folded in
half  at diameter of circles, the pages were sewn together with the cover at
the fold, book opened to form a circle with a hole in the middle a little
like a lifesaver.

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