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Anyone need a small guillotine? (CA Bay Area)

I apologize in advance for this crass announcement, but I would really like
to see this baby put to good use....

I have a Challenge #193 "Manual Clamp Cutter" that I will not be able to keep
when I move.  This baby is about 200 pounds of solid sand-cast steel and no
one is willing to help me lift it (after having helped me move it here :-).
 I also have a spare blade (it's 24 inches) and both blades have just been
sharpened.  The cutter is in good condition although the table surface should
be buffed and oiled (no visible rust anywhere, though).

>From the "Pre Press Plus Newsletter May/June 1997"
(http://www.prepressplus.com/news9705.htm), this cutter is valued at $2000.
 I would love to see it go to a good home where it would get lots of use.  If
you can provide such a home, let me know and we might work something out. The
guillotine and I are located in Fremont, CA.


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