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Re: Printing presses (fwd)

>I had a CW field press (so the provenance said). It was an Adams-type
>flatbed with a rotary platen, hand inked, also known as an Army press. Tho
it has been a bunch of years, I am almost positive that this is the same
kind of press I worked on.

>paper was held in a folding frame and frisket similar to those on
>Washington presses.  These presses were made until the turn of the century
>and were sometimes used for small newspapers.  Print quality was not too
>good---at least mine wasn't. Pictures and descriptions of the Adams and
>Army presses are available in the 1897 ATF catalogue. CW field printing is
>hard to come by. I have only one example, a document from "printers,
>Hardeman's Brigade." Be interested to hear what you've come up with. BTW,
>my press is now in a museum at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Sorry it's
>not in use.
I don't believe that the Shelburne Museum's Adams Army Press is in use, but
it is functional. I don't even know if it is displayed.

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