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Laura Binns wanted to know about Canadian suppliers of bookbinding
materials and equipment.
As I am preparing the latest edition of our semi-annual Suppliers List,
about to go to the printer next week, I probably know as much about this as
anyone here.
First, the bad news: Laura, you won't find any supplier in Canada to match
Talas or Bookbinders Warehouse (or several other American firms). For the
widest range of supplies, and for certain items such as Jade 403 adhesive,
you have to cross-border shop.
The good news is that there are Canadian suppliers for a variety of things.
The Japanese Paper Place is among the best in the world; Rick Cavasin near
Ottawa makes lovely parchment and vellum. There are half-a-dozen art supply
stores across the country which carry some binding or book-arts-related
supplies. There are also several library & conservation-related suppliers.
The major problem here is that no one supplier carries everything: the
market is just too small, I guess. The same is true of larger equipment
like standing presses or board shears: these must be imported, unless you
can find a used one for sale.
Keith Felton in Georgetown carries Hewitt's leather, some supplies and
equipment. His number is (905) 873-2665.
Brodart Library Supplies in Brantford carries bookcloth, adhesives,
brushes, etc. (800) 265-8470.
There are many others but without knowing specifically what you are looking
for I won't waste any more space here.
<Begin Shameless Plug> I suggest you visit our website, listed below, and
think about joining the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild. The
Suppliers List is free with membership and contains a cross-referenced list
of supplies with an alphabetical list of suppliers around the world. As
mentioned above, it is updated every two years. This edition will be
distributed with the August issue of the newsletter.<End Shameless Plug>
If you are looking for something specific, e-mail me privately and I'll see
if I can help.

Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:

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