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Re: Horn Books

I'm not sure of the historical size of horn books.  The one
I made (if I can remember all these years) was about 6"-7"
high and about 4" wide.  I'm sure there are books more books
about horn books out there, but a quick search of my local
online card catalog brings up two titles:

AUTHOR       Tuer, Andrew White, 1838-1900.
 TITLE        History of the horn book.
 IMPRINT      New York, B. Blom [1968]
 DESCRIPT     xvii, 486 p. illus., facsims. 27 cm.
 NOTE         Reprint of the 1897 ed.
 SUBJECT      Hornbooks.
 OCLC #       577705.

AUTHOR       Folmsbee, Beulah.
 TITLE        A little history of the horn-book.
 IMPRINT      The Horn book, inc. [1942]
 DESCRIPT     57 p.
 SUBJECT      Hornbooks.
 OCLC #       316901.

Depending on where you are, you might find these books in
your library or be able to interlibrary loan them.  Good


        Eric Alstrom     Athens, Ohio     ealstrom1@xxxxxxxxx
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