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Handmade papers tour IL, IA, MO, NY, PA

I am a production papermaker specializing in sized papers of unusual color
and inclusions.  I'll be selling at Confluence, this year's international
calligraphy conference near St. Louis the end of July as well as in Cedar
Falls, IA at the College Hill Arts Fair July 18 & 19 and in Paul Smith's NY
(near Lake Placid) at the International Symposium for Fungi and Fiber August
5-10.  I'm traveling by van between the different locations and would be
willing to stop and sell to individuals if you're on my route.  From NY I'll
be returning to Virginia, also by van.

Virginia G. Sarsfield
Handmade papers
348 Old South High St.
Harrisonburg VA 22801

(800) 215-4611 PIN 9363
email: paprmakr@xxxxxxxxxxx

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