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"Kinauld" goat leather sale

Dear List Members:

I have just returned from a much needed 2-week vacation to find a fair amount
of e-mail response to a posting I did in the wee hours before my departure,
in which I announced a Bookbinder's Warehouse leather sale on "Kinauld Goat"
in an eggplant/aubergine color.  It was brought to my attention by a couple
of people that my wording led to some confusion about price, because I said:

<< We only have a few dozen of these skins, ranging in price from $8.95 (for
 single skins) to $8.05 for a dozen or more, plus just a couple of nice grade
 II's at $7.95, per square foot.  >>

This does NOT mean the skins are $8.95 EACH! They are $8.95 PER SQUARE FOOT!
 Unfortunately, the 'per square foot' notation only appeared at the END of
the paragraph which confused a few folks.  While I am sure many bookbinders
would be thrilled at the prospect of getting a wonderful skin of vegetable
tanned bookbinding leather for a mere $8.95, the price is PER SQUARE FOOT
which is still a great bargain considering that bookbinding leathers of this
quality currently sell for well over the $10 per foot range.

My apologies are two-fold: first to those who were interested in the leather
but confused by the price; and apologies to all those for whom this
announcement is irrelevant but had to read through it!  On the other hand,
thanks to all those did order and did understand the pricing I "meant". Time
for another vacation....

Regards, Karen L. Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse

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