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Re: Letter Press

Hi Tom

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Tom Marshall wrote:

> I shall be grateful for information that would assist me to buy a
> second-hand letter press.  I am a letterpress printer and wish to
> flatten my booklets with more ease than using weights on a wooden board!

Get in touch with Ken Lomax

17 Burleigh Park
KT11 2DU

Tel 01932 864420
Fax 01932 868289

He specialises in restoring printing and print finishing equipment, If he
hasen't got anything, he will go out and find it for you, and his prices
are very reasonable. I purchased a nipping press from him recently, for a
cost of 287.00 UKP. A simmilar press from Harilds would have cost me
4000.00 UKP.



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