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Re: Horn Books

 Eric Alstrom, 14th July 13:20, suggested two references on Hornbooks.   A
further possible author is found in "Notes and Queries" for 1860.  I do not
know if the author eventually published his proposed book.   There are a few
other references in this journal for those with access to a library with the


Notes & Queries, 2nd Ser., Vol . IX, Feb 11 1860. Queries

HORNBOOKS._In the year 1851, Mr. TIMBS drew  attention to the subject of
Hornbooks by a Query in vol.  ii. of your First Series (p. 167.), and a reply
appeared at  p. 236. of the same volume, and a short Note by myself  at p. 151.
of the 3rd vol.  No other information, so far as  I know, has been elicited in
your columns, and as I am  now engaged in preparing a History of Hornbooks, I
beg to be permitted to reopen the subject, and to say  how much obliged I
should be by the kind assistance of  your many correspondents in accumulating a
farther  store of information on this interesting but little known  topic. Any
reminiscences with which your  correspondents might favour me would be
thankfully  acknowledged; and if any Hornbooks should be  forwarded to me for
comparison with those in my  possession, they should be carefully preserved and
 speedily returned, free of charge to the sender. Commu- nications may be
either addressed to me at my  residence, or to the care of my publishers,
Messrs.  Truebner & Co., 60. Paternoster Row, or to Mr. Tegg,  85. Queen
Street, Cheapside.

KENNETH R. H. MACKENZIE.  35, Bernard St., Russell Sq., W.C.


Rodney Fry,
<rod.fry@xxxxxxxx >

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