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Japanese book cloth available

This is being cross-posted from the Conservation Distlist.

Date: 16 Jul 97
From: Gregor Campbell <71514.3705@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Japanese book cloth available

This is to announce that the Campbell-Logan Bindery, Inc. of
Minneapolis, Minnesota has acquired the distribution rights for
Japanese book cloth previously imported by Johnson Bookbinding
Supply Company in South Range, MI.

Initial inventory of the most popular Japanese bookbinding fabrics
has been ordered in the 310, 341, 361, 540, 862 and 2504 series.  We
expect receipt of this inventory prior to August 1, 1997.

These fabrics will be stocked in quantities sufficient for immediate
sale in full bolt (55 yard), half bolt and 10 yard minimum
quantities from our distribution center in Minneapolis through the
Campbell-Logan Bindery's Supply Division.

Special orders or orders for other non-stock fabrics are welcome and
will be handled promptly.

Telephone orders may be processed toll free by calling our customer
service department at 800-942-6224 or by fax 612-332-1316, Monday
through Friday.

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