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Artist's BookBeat (Nancy Princenthal) online

Nancy Princenthal's current (July/August) Artist's Bookbeat column can be
read online on Colophon Page at http://colophon.com/literature.html.

You can also review the past two columns . Ms Princethal's column is
presented in collaboration with OnPaper.

We will shortly be presenting a beautiful exhibition of 20th century fine
art bindings featuring the work of such masters as Paul Bonet, Rose Adler,
Henri Creusevault and George Crette. This exhibit is being done in
association with AFEDA (Madrid) which mounted this exhibit last fall, in
Madrid. Announcement in just a few days.

James Wintner
Colophon Page

http://colophon.com  Colophon Page
http://photoarts.com PhotoArts

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