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Re: Papertrail in Ottawa

Colette Vosberg asked...

>Hi everyone - I have recently tried to contact The Papertrail in Ottawa via
>fax and e-mail but cannot get a response.  Does anyone know if they are
>still around?  I would try to call them but phone rates in the Caribbean are
>outrages and would prefer not to.  In the past, I have always faxed my
>orders to them when I was still in Canada.

Hi Collette!

I'm in Ottawa, and I just looked them up in the phone book and they're
there (in the phone book, at least, but I can't call right now (it's
1:00am). I'd be happy to try in the morning, though, and I'll let you know
their address and phone/fax numbers (if they are, in fact, still around).

If there's anything else you'd like to know from them, please e-mail me
privately as I'm on digest.

See you in the morning!

Ron :)

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