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The Book ExPress

An interesting book activity in Atlanta to pass along,From the flyer of this

The Book ExPress
An exhibition of contemporary book arts presented by The Robert C. Williams
American Museum of Papermaking and The University of Alabama MFA in the
Book Arts program.

"The Book ExPress" features hand crafted books, boxes, miniatures, and
prints created by 19 artists from the University of Alabama MFA in the Book
Arts program -- one of only three book arts graduate programs in the United
States.  See how paper made out of wasps' nests, and other unique materials
can make the finest hand crafted books!

"The Book ExPress Workshop" accompanying the exhibition will take place
August 2, 1997 from 1:00PM to 4:00PM.  Children, adults and families are
encouraged to come!  Children will enjoy seeing how recycled blue jeans can
be made into paper, and what toilet paper rolls and potatoes have to do
with book binding!

At the "Book ExPress Workshop," everyone will learn how to make their own
handmade paper, hand bound book, and learn new ways to color, print and
decorate what you have made.

The Book ExPress makes three stops:
First stop, Papermaking!
Here, you will make three sheets of paper out of recycled pulp like blue
jeans and cotton.
Next stop, Book Binding!
You will learn how to bind a pamphlet book with thread and shoe strings,
and make a scroll and container!
Last Stop, Printing!
Here you will decorate your new books with stamps, potato prints, cut-outs
and colors.  Anything goes at the Printing Station.

Price per person for adults and children over 12 is $10.  For children
under 12 it's $8.

For info or to sign-up:
Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking
500 10th Street, NW
Atlanta, GA  30318

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