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The Free Speech Movement

The Free Speech Movement
A lecture by David Lance Goines
Friday, July 25, 1997, 7:00 pm

In the spirit of the Summer of Love and to accompany our current exhibition
"Flashback," David Lance Goines, will recount tales of the Sixties at the
San Francisco Center for the Book.  Goines, artist/printer/ scholar
extraordinaire, studied classics at UC Berkeley, where he was expelled at
the age of 19 for his participation in the Free Speech Movement.  His
graphic arts skills were developed at the Berkeley Free Press, which he
later bought and renamed the Saint Heironymus Press.  Goines's distinctive
style is characterized by symmetrical composition, simplified line drawing,
and subtle stripes outlining letter forms. His artwork has been exhibited
in more than eighty one-man and group shows, both national and
international, and reproduced in numerous publications.

Goines will read from The Free Speech Movement: Coming of Age in the 1960s,
which was published by Ten Speed Press and written and designed by Goines
himself. Some of his other provocative titles include Punchlines, or How to
Start a Fight in Any Bar in the World, published by Ten Speed Press in 1995
and excerpted in Harper's, March 1996; Sex, Violence & Rock 'n' Roll: The
First Amendment at the Close of the Millennium, published by Saint
Hieronymus Press, Berkeley, 1994.

Goines' graphics arts titles are perpetual best-sellers and classics of
their kind, including:
David Lance Goines: Posters, 1970-1994, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, 1995;  A
Constructed Roman Alphabet, David R. Godine Publishers, Boston, 1982 (1983
American Book Award; 1983 American Institute of Graphic Arts Award; 1984
Bookbuilders of Boston New England Book Award); A Basic Formal Hand, Saint
Hieronymus Press, Berkeley, 1971; Thirty Recipes Suitable for Framing,
(with Alice Waters), Saint Hieronymus Press, Berkeley, 1970; An
Introduction to the Elements of Calligraphy, Saint Hieronymus Press,
Berkeley, 1968 (Rounce & Coffin Club, Great Western Books of 1975;
Bookbuilders West, 1975; Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses, 1976).

An adroit and well-versed speaker, he lectures frequently nationwide, and
has taught occasionally at the University of California, Berkeley, UC
Extension, and the California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland.
Goines' image, Blind Justice, attached, is available for publication in
laser print or electronic form.
The San Francisco Center for the Book is an arts organization devoted to
exploring the art of the book and the visible word. Centrally-located at
the foot of Potrero Hill, the Center has set up a stylish public facility
that houses the activities of the growing book arts community.

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