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source for BUGRA paper

Please respond to the original poster directly. She is not on the list.
Copying the list is fine though.


>Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 12:58:19 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Babette Gehnrich <gehnrich@xxxxxxx>
>To: pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: source for BUGRA paper
>Dear Peter, I wondered if you would do me a favor and post this question
>on your BookArts list, or maybe you have the answer? I aplogize for not
>being a subscriber, but I just can't deal with all that information!
>I could of course write to Hahnemuehle in Germany, which I did a few
>years ago, but this seems faster. Thanks, Babette Gehnrich.
>I am looking for a US supplier for "Hahnemuehle, BUGRA" paper. What I
>need specifically is the 250 g/m2. In this thickness, ca.1-ply, the BUGRA
>is lignin/acid-free and buffered (pH ca.8.5), whereas the lighter 130
>g/m2 paper is not. I used to get it from Paper Source in Chicago, but
>they no longer carry it.
>Please reply directly to <gehnrich@xxxxxxx>. Thanks, Babette Gehnrich.

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