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Bookbinding Videos

There are two "new" videos that might be of interest:

A)  Edge Gilding - "Marchetti's Edge-Gilding Techniques" - This is NOT a
'how-to' but rather a documentary type of video filmed during a Guild of
BookWorkers visit to the shop of Nick Marchetti last year.  Nick talks about
the history of the company and demonstrates how they still do edge gilding at
his shop, the last of its type that we know of. Since the visit was not set
up specifically for the purpose of filming, but rather was filmed during the
course of a Guild visit, it has a "homey" quality to it, complete with
background machinery noise, visitors questions,  etc.  Nonetheless, it is
informative and interesting. Tape runs about 90 minutes. $35.00 + $3.00
shipping. Proceeds from sale of this video go to The Guild of BookWorkers, so
checks should be made out to The Guild of BookWorkers, but mailed (for
processing) to Bookbinder's Warehouse, 31 Division St., Keyport, NJ 07735.

B)  "Hand-Made Books: An Introduction to the Craft of Bookbinding" - a 110
minute video from Shepherds Bookbinders of London. A good beginners-level
'how-to' that features nine easy-to-follow excecises for the beginner,
including projects for: plain notebook; lined paper book; sketchbook; journal
binding; Japanese style binding; Scrap book; photograph album; binding a
typed report; repairing a paperback. All the books can easily be made at
home. There is a companion book available, but the book and the video can be
used apart from each other.  Video is $24.95, bookk if $16.95, plus $3.00
shipping for one, $5 for both.  Either can be ordered by sending check made
out to Bookbinder's Warehouse, address above.

BBW also has videos on paper marbling and BASIC book repair.

For details on any of above, please DO NOT respond to the list, but directly
to Bookbinder's Warehouse at: KarenC5071@xxxxxxx

Thanks, Karen L. Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse

P. S. The Guild of BookWorkers tapes its four conference presentations each
year, and the tapes from the last three years are finally in the hands of an
editor. They will be available for sale in a few short months, or available
for free loan to GBW members (a good reason for spending $40 to join!)

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