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Re: Videos on Artists Books or Bookbinding

>Jack C. Thompson of Thompson Conservation Lab also has a company called
>Istor Productions which distributes (and makes?) videos about bookbinding.
>Many of them are of the GBW Standards of Excellence presentations. I am
>unsure if he has any on artists books.
For anyone thinking of dealing with Istor Productions, I advise that you not
send payment in advance and don't plan on getting what you want in any
reasonable time.  They are extremely unreliable.

I attempted to order a GBW video from them.  I sent a check by mail.  After
five weeks, I sent an e-mail inquiry to Jack Thompson asking whether the
order and check had been received.  After some time, I got a reply saying
that he could not say whether the order was received becaused orders
customarily get tossed into a pile with a lot of other things he has going
and he can't tell about orders until they happen to turn up.  I waited a
week to see whether he could locate the order.  After several attempts to
get an answer, he finally sent me a message that I should quit bothering him
because he has no way of locating an order until it turns up.  He said that
he has a telephone and e-mail for his convenience, not for mine and that he
didn't want any more inquiries from me.

Caveat emptor!

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