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Re: ARCHItextURE Exhibition

Yes, and too bad it wasn't available in 1985 when I curated _Book Artchitecture_ as one of the shows Mindy (Mindell Dubansky) produced at the Metropolitan Museum's T.J. Watson Library. That show included books in which the structure of the book reflected the metaphor of the content or was the content. {n.b.: the title is not a spelling error}

At 02:33 AM 7/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>There is arctitecture and architecture.  Where does one classify a book about
>the doors of Oxford, which we are just printing.  Doors per se are an
>architectural feature, and the book illustrates assorted doors, by various
>means such as etching, linocut, drawing.  But it is also constructed in a way
>to represent doors opening, etc. and the significance of what might be behind
>a door.  Ie there is an unusual structure of the sections within the book. Is
>this also architecture?
>(Nb the book is not scheduled for release until the Oxford Fine Press Fair on
>30th August)
>David Bolton
>The Alembic Press, Oxford, UK
>                                 http://members.aol.com/alembicprs/

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