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:/  Sorry List, I would have sent this private mail but Mark did not
supply his e-mail address .

>If you are interested and would swamp methods and experience, drop me an
>email with "lettering" in the subject and I'll have my Eudora send back my
>little dissertation on gold lettering covers...

Dear Mark,

YOur post intrigued me so please e-mail me your dissertatiion on gold

I use the foil method from Paper Direct (I'm on a Mac):
1.laser print your selected copy onto a fine smooth quality paper
2. place foil over the copy you wish to be foiled using the tape
supplied by the company
3.Run this through the lase printer again as a blank document so tho
heat fuse the foil to the toner.

I also have an Epson Ink Jet... any suggestions here for gold Lettering
on covers when I add color??

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