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Re: Lettering

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997 06:52:44 +0000 Elsa Wachs <efw@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>I use the foil method from Paper Direct (I'm on a Mac): 1.laser print
your selected copy onto a fine smooth quality paper 2. place foil over
the copy you wish to be foiled using the tape supplied by the company
3.Run this through the lase printer again as a blank document so tho heat
fuse the foil to the toner.

I'd love to try this for those large "letters-in-boxes"  drop cap letters
where the first letter in a quote or paragraph is much larger than the
others and is gilded. (Some are in decorative shapes.)

What I can't figure out is how to have only the letter part gilded. If I
put the foil over that part of the paper (the drop cap letter) and run it
through my laserjet printer will it automatically foil just the printed
part of that letter (I mean, that I wouldn't have to use a toothpick or
something to put it over the part myself but can just plunk a whole blob
of foil on it)???

Thank you VERYmuch!

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