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Workshops in August - North East?

In answer to Kim's posting, Ed Hutchins will indeed be giving two mini
workshops during the Book Fair at the Fifteenth Annual Grand Conclave of the
Miniature Book Society in Bethlehem, PA.  However, the workshops are only
open to registered members of the MBS and one already has a long waiting

The Book Fair, however, is open to the public from 10:30 to 4:00, on Sunday
August 31, small presses coming from all over the US and Canada and Russia.
There will be five tables of Russian miniature books. Bethlehem is two hours
or less from New York and accessible for a day trip from the Washington area.

For directions, or further information contact

Jane Conneen, Chmn at lfarmpress@xxxxxxx
820 Andrews Rd, Bath, PA 18014   610 759 5326

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