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>But please don't turn in your bone folders in the presence of the masters.
They wuld be very disappointed if >their work inspired anyone to quit rather
than to exceed their previous expections under the inspiration of >dedicated

Very good advice. I had a chance to actually see some of these binders work
up close several years ago at a Sotheby's pre-auction viewing. When you see
these books in catalogues, etc. they look so perfect but at closer
inspection the minor flaws are noticeable. (Also what amazed me was how
large the books really are in person.)
Since I saw some of the books up close I haven't been quite so intimidated
by them. I realize they were made by humans like me.(Very talented
humans...) I still admire them greatly since they are major works of art but
I realize that with alot of work and experience I can achieve works to be
equally proud of.

Jacqueline Poutasse
Hummingbird bookbinding
Norfolk, Virginia

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