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Re: Word Wrap

>Richard -- I wish that the Mac/Netscape problem was the solution
>for me, but I am using QVT/Term on a Windows machine reading my
>mail from a VAX mainframe and I too can't read your message (I can't
>ever scroll sideways).

I'm continuing this thread on the list in case others have similar problems.

Yes, I can word wrap from here (Eudora Light), as in this post, but it
causes the great majority of folks whose word wrap operates properly to be
locked into my line length, no matter whether their window is bigger or
smaller. Normally I send mail with word wrap off. This allows the receiver's
mail program to wrap the lines to the size of the window which they prefer.

I don't know QVT/Term, but one would think it should have a word wrap option
like all other mail programs.


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