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Wanted: Contributors for Website.


     Do you have a passion for typography, calligraphy,
  and/or related subjects? Are you an avid reader, re-
  searcher, reviewer, interviewer, or programmer?
  Then help take TypeBooks to the next level & show your
  stuff in the process.

What's in it for You:
  As a contributor to TypeBooks you'll have exposure to
  a focused audience & the satisfaction of sharing your
  labor-of-love with a growing online community. You'll
  be recognized for your efforts on the site and retain
  all rights to your work. Work remotely- via internet,
  phone and mail with flexible deadlines. Your input &
  ideas will help further define & establish TypeBooks.

What is Needed:
  - Publication Research
  - Book Reviews
  - Interviews w/ Authors
  - Proofreading
  - Custom Perl Scripts

"Type Books for the well-read typographer":

For consideration, send email to:

About TypeBooks:
  "Type Books for the well-read typographer", a not-for
  profit endeavor begun earlier this year, is dedicated
  to "Raising The Bar"-- to encourage learning & growth
  in the calligraphic and typographic arts by providing
  access to information and materials on these subjects.
  TypeBooks is a free resource for anyone who wants to
  learn more on typography, calligraphy, & type-related
  subjects through reading. TypeBooks features book in-
  dices by author(s) & title with links to publishers'
  Websites (when available). Also featured: a NEW Peri-
  odicals index, a Top-Ten book survey, and Interviews
  with authors.

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