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Re: Decorating pages?????

> I'll print out the quotes using my laserjet
> printer.
> Does anyone have any ideas for the pages themselves?  From
> what I've gathered, parchment would be about the best paper
> for this (i. e., the most elegant and durable) -- if anyone
> thinks otherwise, please let me know.

Make certain the parchment will feed through your printer; if it has a
straight-feed versus a looped-feed...use it. If the parchment doesn't
feed, you could transfer the laser prints to parchment. They would have
to be flipped horizontally in the printer (easy on a Mac) so they would
read correctly.

You could use foil tranfers on the paper for another affect.

I'd certainly consider handwritten text as an option, too.

Darryl Baird

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