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Re: Decorating pages


There's a really nice paper called "Parchtone Text" that you can get from
paper suppliers. It comes in lots of colors and feeds thru lasers printers
really nicely and looks good. I don't have the box here but if you'd like I
can get the manufactuers name for you.
As far as decorations you could use large decorated capitals for the first
letter of your quote. That always looks nice. After printing you could hand
color the letter with water colors or colored pencils or use the gold foil
sold by Paper Direct to guild it. The stuff is really easy to use. After
printing you cut a piece of foil to fit over the area you want gold then
tape it down with the special tape provided the feed it back thru the
printer. The heat from the printer fuses the gold to the toner.
I do alot of this kind of thing for clients that want to have their poetry
or love letters, etc. bound. It can be really fun. As far as finding
decorative letters. There are many Typographers on the web that sell
computer fonts. Dixie's Delites has a couple of really nice decorated fonts
for sale. Also if you have access to a scanner you could get those Dover
copyright free books of letters and decorative initials and scan them in and
use them. They work realy nicely also.

Good luck

Jacqueline Poutasse
Hummingbird Bookbinding
807 Shirley Ave.
Norfolk, Virginia 23507

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