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Re: Decorating pages?????

>Does anyone have any ideas for the pages themselves?  From
>what I've gathered, parchment would be about the best paper
>for this (i. e., the most elegant and durable) -- if anyone
>thinks otherwise, please let me know.

Dear Julia,

Are you talking about parchment, as in actual sheepskin, or about the
imitation parchment, as in paper?  Sheepskin tends to be fairly greasy
and takes a bit of preparation.  If you are going to use vellum, which is
what calfskin is generally called these days, you would need to obtain
slunk skins.  These are from unborn calves and are very, very thin.

If you mean imitation parchment, i.e., a mottled looking paper, please
choose something else.  Imitation parchment paper is high in acid and
definitely not archival. There are beautiful hand made or mould made
papers which are acid free, beautiful, and much more suitable for your project.

Sally Jackson

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