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Re: Decorating pages?????

Dear Julia,

There are commercial acid free, Ph buffered papers available from the
large paper distributors, like Olmstead Kirk, Unisource, etc.  Strathmore
Writing is one that comes to mind.  Try your local yellow pages under
"Paper Distributors."  This would probably be the least expensive way.
There are wonderful papers available from Daniel Smith in Seattle (they
have an 800 number, but I don't have it here) and from Dolphin Papers in
Indianapolis.  You can get sample books from each of these places.  Try
Aiko's in Chicago for an amazing selection of oriental papers.  All of
them won't work in a laser printer, but many will.

If you are putting these through a printer, I assume that you are doing
some sort of Japanese binding, as the work won't be in signatures.  What
are you going to cover the book with?


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