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Re: Word Wrap

   There are numerous mail readers which cannot wrap your long lines for
you -- that is something that *you* are supposed to take care of at your
end. Sure, using Netscape, as I do, I can, if I choose, mouse up to the
top, click on the "view", mouse down to "wrap long lines" and click on
that -- but why should I?
   What I usually do is just delete any message with long lines. It's
easier, and I figure that if the writer really wanted people to read it,
he'd do them the courtesy of either using an editor that did word wrap
properly (and some don't) or entering the carriage returns manually at
the prescribed 65-70 characters.
   Going thru over 100 messages a day (not counting newsgroups) takes
enough time -- doing the "wrap long lines" thing for those too contrary
to do the word wrap on their end just takes too much effort.

Harmon Seaver hseaver@xxxxxxxxx http://www.dibbs.net/~hseaver
All is impermanent, but this too shall pass away, and the way of the
Samurai is death -- so speak your mind now, or forever hold your peace.
Copyright, Harmon F. Seaver, 1997. License to distribute this post is
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