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Re: Decorating pages?????

Peachpit Press (www.peachpit.com) publishes "A Blip in the Continuum", which
is a collection of quotes about type, set in grunge fonts.

Don't know if it is typographically well respected, but I found it striking
and thought provoking.  Although not as lengthy as your book, you might look
at how they handled the issue of dealing with quotations.

Are you thinking letter-size sheets, folded? You might consider the vertical
presentation, if you like the proportions, it can be a little different.
And if you are using paper it lets  you preserve the grain (a personal bugaboo
of mine).

Think either of a single font used well, a font family (like Lucida with
a jillion variations), or else a font "voice" for each quote or type of quote.

There may be some simple approach to putting pigment to paper you already know,
if you think back to elementary school.  Fingers, twigs, brushes and many
other things apply pigment (but I seem to have forgotten that for a couple

   Karen from Atlanta

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