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Re: question on maintaining leather bindings

Get a humidifier/airconditioner. Keeping your environment in the 50% range (give or take a few %) will help tremendously. Also try not to let it get to hot.

Leather dressing IF applied VERY sparingly is ok, but only on leather which is in good condition. If your leather has signs of red rot, powdery..., DO NOT use the dressing. It will make a mess of things.


At 01:06 PM 8/2/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a friend with many leather bindings in her library.  She asked me
>if there is something that can be applied to the leather to keep the
>bindings in good condition.  As we are in the desert, things become very
>dry.  Do you have any recommendations?
>Becky Schnelker, Curator
>Tamarind Institute, 108-110 Cornell SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
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Der Buchbinder als Architekt des Buches baut eine
Fassade seiner Zeit. Edwin Redslob

Peter Verheyen, Conservation Librarian
Syracuse University Library
Syracuse, NY 13244

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