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Knife Sharpening Workshop

KNIFE SHARPENING with Japanese waterstones

"One of the most admired skills in bookbinding is the paring of leather, yet
only sharp tools and confidence are required." Arthur Johnson, Manual of

AUGUST 23 - 24, 1997

          Two-day workshop will meet Saturday, 10:00am. - 4:00 pm., & Sunday,
10:00 am. - 4:00 pm. at the Full Circle Bindery, 29 Arundel Place, St. Louis,
MO 63105.
           Participants will learn theory and practice of sharpening blades
using Japenese waterstones and will sharpen their own paring knife.
 Additional demonstrations may include sharpening spokeshave blades, tuning a
spokeshave, sharpening French paring knives and points, tips on paring, etc.
           Tom Conroy studied bookbinding with Anne and Theodore Kahle at
Capricornus School of Bookbinding and Restoration in Berkley, California and
holds an MLIS from the University of California at Berkley.  He has published
studies on the history and practice of bookbinding in the Guild of Book
Workers Journal, the Book and Paper Group Annual, and the Abbey Newsletter.

Cost:  $110

You will need:
- New right hand- or left-handed English Paring knife
- #800 Japanese waterstone                  Combined two-in-one stones will
not do;
-#1200 Japanese waterstone                  they are too narrow to learn on.
-S-3 (#6000) Japanese waterstone
-Nagura stone (recommended)
-C-clamp (3" or more)
-leather scraps to practice paring
-knives for resharpening, if time permits
-Wear old clothes and bring an apron; sharpening may be messy.

       For more information call Tom Conroy: (510) 524-9518
Workshop limited to 10.  Make Checks payable to Full Circle Bindery
Send checks to Full Circle Bindery, 29 Arundel PLace, St. Louis, MO 63105

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