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Attaching flowers to paper

One thing that has also worked for me, as well as the acrylic method
mentioned to Deborah, is to use a little PVA glue.
Or, another method, is to make a thin paste of PVA mixed with a little warm
water, and using a bit of thin tissue or tracing paper, "trap" the plant
between the backing paper and the tissue with only as much glue (which
dries clear) or medium as is necessary to hold the plant down and the
tisuue to it. This has worked well for me when the backing paper is
handmade or of a heavier weight, and the flower or plant is without a lot
of flat surfaces to glue. The tissue becomes virtually transparent, even if
you need more than one layer of it. If the plant is very uneven, pressing
it first is vital, and you may have to press it again between waxed paper
after the glue had dried a bit. I have used this on dried and even fresh
leaves and flowers.
Another thing which is a lot of fun is to paint or ink up the plant and
"print" it on the page that you are glueing it to - a great kid's project.
Of course, another way is to work the flowers into paper as you make it,
either in the pulp or the mold.
Some of this might work for you too, Julie!
Good luck!
Beth Priestley

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