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Re: Decorating pages

In a message dated 97-08-03 09:52:31 EDT, you write:

<< Would you happen to know if I could do the foiled lettering you suggest
 on both sides of each page (e. g., so I could put one quotation one each
 side of each page)? >>

There is a product by Letraset called Colortag. It is a set of foils
(additional colors and metallic colors available), a miniature hot plate, and
an 'ironing' pad. After printing on a laser printer, or even a photocopy, you
just lay the foil over anything you want to alter. One letter, a recurring
symbol (i.e. top of every page), whole words, whatever, and run the tiny hot
plate over the area foiled, then lift off the foil. The foil will only adhere
to the heated item. Nothing else is altered. And it can be done on both sides
of the pages. Colortag is available in most artist supply stores.

Mary Crest

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