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Re: Word Wrap

I just received my last post, and noted that eudora reformatted it to a length of about 80 characters, and in doing so, one of my examples was reformatted as well. The example should look like this:

If I receive mail that is not pre-wrapped, it looks like this:

>  What I usually do is just delete any message with long
>lines. It's easier, and I figure that if the writer really
>wanted people to read it, he'd do them the courtesy of
>either using an editor that did word wrap properly (and
>some don't) or entering the carriage returns manually at
>the prescribed 65-70 characters.
>  Going thru over 100 messages a day (not counting
>newsgroups) takes enough time -- doing the "wrap long
>lines" thing for those too contrary to do the word wrap on
>their end just takes too much effort.

>Harmon Seaver hseaver@xxxxxxxxx

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