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Re: Word Wrap

vosberg wrote:
> Okay guys - (tweeeet)(whistle blowing)  can we end the word wrap saga?  I
> think we get the drift....

1.   And who elected you the whistle blower?
2.   Getting the drift does not equal understanding the problem.

> I think it depends on how much we really want to
> read Richards messages and quite frankly, I believe, there is much to read.

3.   There is indeed much to read ? and much of that should not
come through listserv at all.

> Shall we breeze on to something else?
4.   You can always do that without being snide about others' threads.
(provided you can remember what it was, by whom, that you'd
prefer to discuss).

> [?] mushroom - fungi conference that someone else was talking about?
> It seems to me that it had direct relations to papermaking with fungi?
> Thanks,  Colette Vosberg
> Colette Johnson-Vosberg

András Fürész

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