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Re: Japanese stab binding

and to add my own (heretical & non-traditional) experiences:

i too second the suggestion not to skip on the inner binding --
but i have used (horrors) staples with success.  regular old
desktop staples -- using an electric stapler can help get them
set in an even amount (which is important, about 2/3rds of the
depth of the sewing); i also crush them with a pair of pliers
to flatten them out.  i also leave the thread ends out, usually
in the center of the back, rather than hidden inside -- trimmed
and w/ a dab of glue on the knot.  and for the final heresy, i
did one book with copper wire rather than thread -- clear nylon-
coated magnet wire w/ a coating of shellac over the place where
it's soldered(!) so the wire won't corrode, about 26 gauge i

i'm full of admiration for tradition, and Ikegami's book does
a particularly nice job, i think, of explaining the traditional
techniques.  i do books usually in editions of 200, and primarily
as "trade" rather than "artist" books -- so i couldnt afford the
time (or recoup the cost) of doing everything the traditional
way.  with the wire-bound book, the content was kind of futurist/
industrial, and so th non-traditional material fit well with the
content.  glad to have resources like the Ikegami's & Smith's books,
and this list, for ideas past and future...

luigi-bob drake
burning press

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