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Re: Japanese binding with kids

In response to Susan's post about Japanese binding with kids -

A couple of years ago, when my daughter was also in the 6th grade, the local
school system lost all its money for ART!  My mom used to go into some of the
classes and fill in with crafts, reading, whatever.  That's beside the point,
but way too bad.

Anyhow, I asked the teacher about doing a Japanese book project at the end of
the year.  She told me the kids were working on a writing project and could
the 2 go together.  Sure.  They went to computer-lab, wrote stories or
poetry, and printed them.  The worst part of the whole project was that she
completely ignored my size suggestions, so I spent hours reducing the works.

The best part is that each of the kids left elementary school with a book
which contained a story or poem by all their classmates.  It was great.

As for the bindings - well, some of those kids were determined to make up
their own sewings.  That's okay; they were theirs to keep. The best piece of
advice I can pass on to anyone teaching Japanese binding (and adults are
usually harder to teach stitch order) is to tell them that if they can't
remember stitch order - remember one rule:  when you sew through a hole for
the FIRST TIME, take that stitch around the spine.  The stitches will fall
into the right place even if not in the right order.

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

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