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Re: Buckram book cloth

You can also order directly for ICG which manufactures the cloth. Their telephone is 1-800-251-7529. I know at one point they were selling in smaller quantities, but you might want to check with them. The Grade D is still starch-filled, but the color is now (since about 2 years) colored using acrylic dyes which has made it somewhat more tedious to work with. Their "Devon" starch filled, comes in some attractive colors and is a lighter weight than the "D" cloth. Bookbinder's Warehouse sells the Devon, but I don't know about the "D" cloth. You can contact them at mailto:karenc5071@xxxxxxx (leave off the "mailto:"; if cutting and pasting... Otherwise just click on it.


At 03:37 PM 8/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I tried to order some Grade D starch filled Buckram today and got a
>surprise.  I was told by Talas that they were discontinuing it and by
>Bookmaker's that they don't carry it anymore because it is no longer
>available to them.  Does anyone know what the deal is?  How can they stop
>making Buckram?  We use it for cloth covered drop-spine boxes, folders and
>some book repairs.  What are the alternatives for a sturdy, forgiving and
>easily worked cloth for these types of jobs?  I'd appreciate any information
>or suggestions!
>Sandy Hempe
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