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Re: Japanese stab binding

>My sewing thread is not the traditional silk or cotton. I use waxed linen in a
>color or colors compatible with the cover.

where do you buy colored linen thread? I have only been able to find white
and occasionally natural in the States. I bought quite a lot of black home
with me from England, but have not ever seen it sold here or seen colors
anywhere. I requested black from Colophon in Olympia, WA, and they told me
that there isn't enough demand for them to carry it (personally I don't
understand that as I'd prefer black or natural over bleached white any day)
and that it isn't completely archival. I would love to know where you get
it, and if you color it yourself, exactly how you do that.

> For binding thread I use emboidery thread (as recommened to me by Cathy
>>Atwood) because it's cheap and comes in just about any color you could
>want, >which makes it nice to match up with the decorative paper.

do you use the twisted French type or just the normal cheap embroidery
thread from anywhere? the few times I've used it I've thought it was not as
strong as I'd prefer. also, I was told by my binding teacher that it was
not a thread of choice (can't remember why). I'd assume the twisted stuff
is stronger.


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