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Re: Linen thread thread

Bookmakers (301-459-3384 or bookmowery@xxxxxxx) has
        unbleached, undyed, unwaxed 18/3 Irish linen thread
        the same in 25/3 and in 35/3
        unwaxed or waxed 18/3 or 35/3 (bleached?
        Irish linen in 16/3 and 16/4
        2, 3, 4, & 7 ply dyed English linen in many colors
        Buttonhole silk thread (it seems like they have different colors) that
                is 8 weight, 3 ply, with a Z twist
        Line stitch silk thread (in colors?) as above but 30 weight (thin).
        They also have other threads including metalic.
        They have sample books for sale for most of the above.

        They have been promising a new catalog for more than a year now
and the old (green) one is not available.  My most recent price list from
them is a catalog update from May, 1996.

        They are not cheap, but in my experience they are reliable and
usually keep almost all things I have wanted in stock.  My Japanese hole
punch stopped working after more than a year and they gave me a new one
with no hassle.  (A plus for me is that they are relatively local - 46
miles each way).


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