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Re: Japanese stab binding

In a message dated 8/9/97 5:34:43 PM, liel James Alexander wrote:

<<where do you buy colored linen thread? I have only been able to find white
and occasionally natural in the States.>>

Locally, I can get waxed Irish linen thread at a place called Creative
Fibers, 5416 Penn Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419, phone 612-927-8307.
However, the exact same product is also available from The Caning Shop, 926
Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA 94710, order phone 1-800-544-3373. It is 4 ply,
#18, in 100 yard spools and 30 colors and sells for $8.50 each. You can get a
sample card from the same place for $2.00 so you know what the colors
actually look like. I have ordered thread and other things from this place
and they are prompt in responding.


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