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Re: Buckram book cloth

The below message was forwarded to me by Bill Minter <mailto:wmntr@xxxxxxx>.=
 I just called ICG and found out that this is indeed true that the D grade=
 starch filled buckram was discontinued about 6 months ago. They only have=
 remainders in one color left, that being the dark green #53901. They said=
 that the only cloth, other than the pyroxilyn  coated buckram (yucky to=
 work with to say the least and not to mention ugly) was an acrylic filled=
 cloth named Optima. Don't have a swatch book for that. The Devon (thin=
 starch filled / acrylic color) and Kennett (starch filled natural finish)=
 are still being carried. I also asked aobut doing smaller runs, but they=
 said that it was not feasible (ie. profitable). Their standard run is 5000=
 yards and they were only selling between 400-600 of any particular color a=

So, time to find alternative sources I guess. Maybe this is something we=
 could work with the suppliers on.


>Just saw the question about buckram and your reply. Since I have not been=
 following things too closely, I wonder if you are aware -- as ever=
 bookbinder should be aware -- that ICG has (according to my information)=
 completely discontinued the production of their wonderful, D grade, starch=
 filled buckram. When I heard that UNFORTUNATE news, I wanted to tell=
 everyone on e-mail to call their ICG representative and complain that we=
 had not been notified in advance. The least they could have done would have=
 been to let us know that as of a certain date they would cease production.=
 Then we could have placed orders which would be filled. But they stopped=
 production late last year. When we called, there were only two (ugly)=
 colors remaining, everything else had been sold. Obviously, they, like many=
 companies today, have little concern for the people who use small=
 quantities. I can try to understand their situation with profit margins and=
 everything, but I wish they would consider the impact of their quick=
 decisions. Unfortunately, the variety of quality bookcloths that are=
 available, especially for handbinding, get smaller every day. Hopefully,=
 there is a manufacturer who will hear our unified plea for a good quality=
 bookcloth and buckram (C grade and D grade), in some attractive colors that=
 meet our needs. Ideally, they could do a few hundred yards of a color=
 instead of the industry standard of 5000(?) yards. I could go on expressing=
 more about the current state of book covering fabrics, but will stop at=
 this point.
>If the above is not common knowledge, would you please post it. I'm sorry I=
 did not take the time last year to get this information posted.
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