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Re: book appraisals

> I've been contacted by someone with a few boxes of "old books", and he
> wants to know where he can get them appraised.  Can anyone suggest
> appraisers in the Atlanta, Ga., Asheville, NC, Knoxville or Chattanooga,
> TN. areas?  Thanks!
> Virginia Turnbull
> virginia@xxxxxxxx
When in doubt, check out the ABAA home page and look in the Booksellers'
Directory.  Many antiquarian dealers appraise books as part of their
business, and the directory is broken down reagionally, so it's easy to
find those in your area.

Although Mike Harris regularly posts the monthly updates to the page
together with the URL, many people don't realize how much information is
available there.  So, in case you didn't set a bookmark, you can find
them at:


Susan Ravdin
Special Collections
Bowdoin College Library
Brunswick, Maine

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