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Greetings book artists, ect.!

As this is my first mail on this list, I would like to make the
following announcements that may be of interest to you all.

BIBLIO magazine is in search of short submissions to its new section
titled Anthology. It is a visually-oriented spread of newsbriefs,
trivia, humor, anecdotes, stories, narratives, experiences, ect; we call
them "brights." Please submit your stories of wonder (or horror) in the
field of the book arts, book collecting, papermaking, ect.
A small fee for originality and research is offered, but otherwise it is
a great opportunity to get published and share your insightful
experiences or ideas with thousands of colleagues.

Also, if you are promoting, involved in, or attending any book
arts-related events, e.g., fairs, shows, conferences, classes,
workshops, lectures, ect. we would love to publish mention of these
events in our calendar listings.


Rye Armstrong
Editorial Assistant
845 Willamette Street
Eugene, Oregon 97401, USA
tel. +1-541-345-3800
fax +1-541-302-9872
e-mail rye@xxxxxxxxxxxx
web http://www.bibliomag.com

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