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Re: Mould and Deckle

        First, a clarification. The molds I am describing are Western
moulds, not Eastern moulds, which are entirely different. The mould is
made of a frame and ribs. The ribs hold the heavy screen and the light
screen lays on top. This makes a firm foundation for the pulp. Does pulp
get trapped between the two screens? No, the pulp never goes through the
fine screen; only the water. The heavier screen and the ribs help support
the weight of the pulp. Carriage House in New York (no phone number...?)
makes this type of wooden frame. The commercially made screens with the
fiberglass mesh don't have the ribs or the heavier screen, but the old
"masters" made their screens as described above.

Jill the papermaker (NOT Bob Roberts, who freely admits he knows nothing
about papermaking. He refused to be held liable for any information on
papermaking transmitted from his computer with or without his knowledge.
Certain wavers, restrictions, and federal statutes may apply.)

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